Rosbank Societe Generale Group.
UIKit & UX for online bank

I managed a project for developing UIKit and customer scripts for the online bank Rosbank Société Générale.
My role — Project Manager
illustrations about online bank's advantages were created on the project
All your finances within easy reach
Information on your account, card and credits without visiting the bank
Favourites & autopayments
Save you recurrent payments and transfers. Recharge the balance of your mobile automatically.
Payments without commission
Utilites, mobile phone, internet
and a lot more
User experience
Script development
We researched the best online banks and offered a package of user scripts. They are used in developing a new online bank.
About project
May — June 2017
  • GOAL
    Offer to bank costumers a convenient online bank.
    Our tasks:
    - UIKit (package graphic elements) for use to develop a new online bank.
    - Offer variants of scripts for the new online bank.

    • After our first meeting with a client, we researched the current online bank and competitors.
    • Made and presented prototype of main user scripts.
    • Made and presented UIKit.
    • Made and sent to client all work materials with graphic elements to develop
    New online bank launched in March 2020. Bank issued a press release.
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