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New Site
I organized the development of the new site for Yamaha Motor Russia.
During the first year after the launch of the new site, the flow of organic traffic increased 3 times.
My role — project manager
Yamaha Experience
I organized the design and development for the new service Yamaha Experience. During the 1st year after launch, Yamaha Experience gained 4 partners.
New features
When choosing motorcycles, in addition to the usual description and photos, you can evaluate them in two ways:
- You can listen to the engine when starting and while running.
- You can check the ratio of your height to the size of each motorcycle.
We combined test drive and rental
In the project we developed a new and unique experience for Russians called Yamaha Experience.

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About the project
05.2018 — 12.2018
  • GOAL
    Make a new, beautiful and informative brand site to attract more users who can be dealer customers in the future (YAMAHA sells technique only through dealers network).
    1. Researched competitors and put together all information about the project.
    2. Made the new site map.
    3. Put together the team and made step by step project plan.
    4. Organized daily stand-ups and weekly success reflection meetings.
    5. Implemented a daily control plan in all steps.
    6. Launched new site for 1 month and next 6 month management support and improvement.
    After launching a new site I received approval from the international IT department of YAMAHA and received good reviews from Japanese management. Organic traffic increased 3 times after the first year of the site's launch.
Main team
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