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Hi! I have been managing digital projects for over six years. I will assist you in developing and launching your products. I will assemble the team, create the project schedule, organize all processes, and monitor everything. Examples of my projects are below. I am ready to meet about your project.
Raiffeisenbank Russia.
New site
I organized the design for layout of a new site and participated in process development inside the bank's offices. We had a growing conversion rate in first month.
My role — project manager
Yamaha Russia. New site
New Site
I organized the development of the new site for Yamaha Motor Russia.
During the first year after the launch of the new site, the flow of organic traffic increased 3 times.
My role — project manager
Yamaha Experience
I organized the design and development for the new service Yamaha Experience. During the 1st year after launch, Yamaha Experience gained 4 partners.
New web shop
I organized the logistics for development of a new web shop and business analytics system with MS Power BI. We recorded growth one month after launching the web shop. The conversion growth was from 1.4% to 2.3% and the revenue growth was 2.5 times compared to the same period last year.
My role — project manager
New website design
We made a new website design for Telekarta and a personal account for partners, who install and set TV equipment in all of Russia.
My role — project manager
Application design
I organized the process of research, design and the making UIkit. The rating of the app in the AppStore — 4.3.
My role — Project manager
Rosbank Societe Generale Group.
UIKit & UX for online bank
I managed a project for developing UIKit and customer scripts for the online bank Rosbank Société Générale.
My role — Project Manager
Let's talk about your project
If you have an idea or a project ready for development where I could participate, let's talk about it in a comfortable time for you.
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