Manager project in AIC
Working in the design studio AIC, I organized the work of the team on the design and design of the new site, participated in the organization of the development and launch within the bank. We recorded an increase in conversion rates for the new site relative to the previous site within the first month after publication.
Mobile app design
The concept of an app for quick organization of leisure.
A one-page website on Tilda
With the help of a bright little business card site, you can present any service very vividly. Even something as boring as pool cleaning.
Vine packing design
Brand, website and mobile app
The first carshare service on the island of Aphrodite.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T
A one-page website on Tilda
The concept of a smartphone branding describes in detail the technical characteristics and advantages of the product. Tilda has great possibilities for object animation.
Vine packing design
This is not a strong, but very sweet red wine for long gatherings.
A one-page website on Tilda
The concept of an electric bike store with delivery, service, and the ability to take appliances on a long-term subscription basis.
Lidl Organic
A one-page website on Tilda
The concept of an online supermarket with organic products and delivery. A convenient filter allows you to quickly select products from the desired category.
Manager project in KODIX
Our team at KODIX was developing a new official online store of Yamaha Russia. Within the first year after the launch of the new site the flow of organic traffic increased by 3 times.
Managerial project in Technopark
I organized work on the creation of a new site and a system of end-to-end analytics based on MS Power BI. A month after the launch of the new site, we recorded an increase in conversion from 1.4% to 2.3% and an increase in turnover by 2.5 times compared to the same period last year.